Michael Pinnegar

Bio: I am software engineer with 7+ years of experience and a BS in computer science from OSU. I am currently a technical lead at Chemical Abstracts Service working to oversee a team of over 40 developers, business analysts, and quality assurance personnel. I split my time between assisting in trouble shooting difficult problems, managing smaller projects (large refactoring efforts, comprehensive load/performance testing, migration to new technologies, etc.), coaching team members in best practices, and writing code. Besides my day job I have numerous ongoing personal projects some of which are publicly available on Github. I work primarily in Java, Javascript, HTML, and CSS, but I have extensive experience with Ruby, C#, and PHP. I have both a breadth and depth of knowledge in all of these areas as well as a firm understanding of computer science fundamentals such as algorithmic complexity, space/speed tradeoffs, and concurrency, etc. I have extensive experience with many different Java and Javascript programming frameworks: Spring, Spring-Security, Cascading (map reduce), jQuery, AngularJS, LESS, SASS, Hibernate, JPA2, JAX-RS, Jersey, etc. I also have a very strong understanding of Maven, Gradle, Ant, Rake, Gulp, Jenkins, Gerrit, IntelliJ, and Eclipse. I am comfortable in any development environment from regular Windows to Linux in a Docker container. Other than my deep technical knowledge I am an expert at working in an interrupt driven environment with shifting requirements and collaborating with distributed team members. I deliver a product that's on time, well tested, and which just works. I also communicate quickly, clearly, and deliberately to make sure that there is no confusion.

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